Networking evening vol. 2

15 November 2012


The goal of these networking events is to inspire people and make them see how technology can be used in a large variety of fields and how working in the tech field can mean a lot of different things.

The speakers this time are:

Aet Rahe is the .Net team leader at Nortal. We have heard rumours that she’s a tough lady, who just within few years coming out of nowhere climbed successfully up to her current position in management.

Kaja Trees is currently the Solution Architect at Ericsson and has 9 years of experience in software development as a programmer, analyst, tester, designer, project manager etc. She really has seen it all.

Birgy Lorenz is an activist and a teacher of online safety and citizenship. She is also involved in developing the National Curricula ICT syllabus, writing articles about e-safety and has been awarded the Microsoft (2009) Innovative Teacher Award, the European Schoolnet (2010) first eLearning Award in the ‘Internet Safety’ category and been crowned as ‘Teacher of the Year’ in 2011.

Liina Martõnjak is an interaction designer and one of the few people in Estonia who has a degree in the field. She has worked 6 years in the IT industry, in different roles – from developer to interaction designer. Besides prototyping, information architecture and usability analysis, she is fascinated by how design affects human emotions.

The event is in Estonian.
Hope to see all of you there! Don’t be intimidated if this is the first time you heard about Tech Sisters, everyone’s invited! Even men can attend:)

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