Tech Sisters at Bigbank

19 October 2019


Sir Francis Bacon said that "Knowledge is power". Nowadays it is accurate to quote Tim O'Reilly instead, who said "Who has the data has the power". Tech Sisters Tartu community had their season ending meet up at Bigbank with three brilliant guests who shared their knowledge about big data. 
The speakers were:

- Ly Busch, Head of Decision Engine Unit at Bigbank
- Aet Telvik, former Big Data Analyst, now Project Manager at Nortal
- Samreen M. Hassan, Software analyst at Playtech

Besides interesting presentations from our speakers, hosts from Bigbank showed around their office, and there was not networking part missing.

We are especially thankful to the Bigbank team, speakers, and participants who helped to make the event happen, thank you!

Photos: Signe Virolainen

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