Tech Sisters at Perforce Estonia

29 October 2019


Third season of Tech Sisters Tartu community took off at Perforce Estonia Tartu office. In this time the structure of event was a bit different - instead of four splendid speakers we had four shiny discussion leaders:

- Kristi Tammet from Playtech whose topic “How can women working in IT-sector inspire other women to join the IT-sector?” focused on mentoring and inspiration spread among women;
Tetiana Voitovych from Perforce Estonia whose topic “What can we improve to encourage more foreigners to work in Estonia?” was about to find out what might be done or improved in order to get more foreign specialist to work in Estonia;
Eva Pruusapuu from Estonian Research Council whose topic: “What should we change in education so that women would join more with IT-sector?” went straight to the grass roots;
Gerli Jõgi from Perforce Estonia whose topic: “How to find female employees and encourage them to have a career in technology?” called participants up to discuss what can done by HR side in order to as many women as possible could find their path to technology.

Tech Sisters have to say that such an experimental event gave us many great ideas to be considered as an event topic for the future. As well we hope it inspired our participants to encourage more women to think about changing the career path into technology. 

We are especially thankful to the Perforce Estonia team who welcomed us warmly at their cozy office! Also our big thank-you's go to all participants for the contribution and clever ideas!

Photos: Laura Porovart

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