Tech Sisters Prep for Garage48

12 September 2013


Tech Sisters and Garage48 have joined forces in organizing Garage48 Pärnu on 11-13th October and on 17th September at 6 PM we are having the first pre-event to encourage more women to take part in the Hackathon.

What is Garage48? What is going to happen there? What kind of ideas and skills are necessary to take part? What is the worst thing that could happen and why should I take part? All these questions will be answered by four awesome women: Maarika Susi, who is organizing the event, Kei Karlsson and Diana Poudel who both have participated previous Garage48 events and Ülane Vilumets, who this time will be taking part as a mentor in the Pärnu event.

Take your friend with you and spend a nice Tuesday evening with us at Garage48 Hub (Rävala pst 7) ;)
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