Tips for Garage48 on 1st of October at Garage48 Hub

23 September 2013


Come and learn the best tips for participating and succeeding at Garage48 intensive week-end hackathon event. You will hear necessary hints and tips for different roles and skills: designer, marketer, project manager.

We will give a chance to 5 idea owners to pitch their idea (90 seconds) and get first feedback and tips how to present themselves and their idea better. To sign up for pitching write an e-mail to maarika[at] before 25th September! Grab this chance….

Speakers at the event:
 Elise Sass (Garage48 Pärnu 2013 mentor and pitching training) - pitching training & feedback, project manager tips.
 Helen Kokk (Garage48 Pärnu 2013 volunteer, participant and remarkable design help) - designer tips

Take your friend with you and spend a nice Tuesday evening with us at Garage48 Hub;)

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