TSW #2 - Merje Viil

15 October 2012


I am in the business since 2006 and started as an Application Administrator, now I work as System Analyst. I would say my work is to put business requirements into IT language. It means, in general terms, client (my term is business division) first writes the business requirements, the expectations and then I will research how to implement it, what are the changes that need to be done, parallelly documenting activities and also existing system and partly doing some changes by myself.

How would you describe yourself with 5 sentences?
I would prefer to skip this question and ask this from 5 different persons and make some statistics ;)
I am a person who is trying to get a big picture in everything at first. Also, I am trying to understand systems and people as well. I love to think about things and to find out how they work. I like travelling. I care about healthy and balanced life.

How did you become engaged in technology?
I think it all started when I was a child,I started programming when I was 5 years old…
Ok, to be honestmy way to technology was accidental and I had always considered myself a humanitarian, but somehow it turned out so that in September 1999 I started my studies in Tallinn University of Technology. My speciality was computer systems. My interest to humanitarian sciences helps me look at IT problems from different aspects, adding philosophical side and see humans/analysts/developers behind each technological system, instead of just cold technical functionality consisting of number of rows of code.

What is the most exciting part of your work?
I consider my work as solving riddles and finding solutions. Sometimes I would even describe it as completing a puzzle, where some elements are missing and my task is to help to create these elements while getting the complete picture of the puzzle.

What was the most important thing that you have learned in the past year and how did you learn it?
I have learned that really smart (IT) people never rush and always take time to think first and then react. It means if you are receiving some task that seems to be “mission impossible” or you don’t have any good ideas to solve, then it is better to find and play with different versions in your head than to start working with the first option. If you are asking how I learned it, I would say if it does not come naturally then it surely comes with experiences;)

What or who inspires you?
I am inspired by talented and successful people working in the IT field. If coming closer to my everyday life then I have some experienced colleagues who I admire very much.

What are the top 5 apps you can’t live without?
(Swedbank) Internet bank, Microsoft Visio, Google gmail, Facebook, Skype.

If you could change the world with technology, what would you do?
I would create a mobile application for reading people’s thoughts through magnetic fields and vibes that come from humans :)
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