TSW #9: Miina Sikk

18 April 2013


What would you say about yourself with 5 sentences?
I certainly can’t select the most relevant sentences, but I’ll just give some random ones:

Usually the first thing I do in the morning, is turning my computer on and the last thing before going to sleep, is turning the computer off.
During the school, I missed a lot of classes because I stayed home playing computer games.
I believe that people are most pleased and effective when doing the things they like - after the school I decided that I’m going to try different things until I find the thing that really suits me - before “finding” technology and programming, I tried music, psychology, economy, history, dancing.
Before starting studying programming, I was choosing between photography, coreography and programming.
The only reason why I want to live as long as possible is that there are so many interesting new things to know and so many different places to visit.

What are your current projects related to technology?
Main project I’m currently working on, is the start-up company, where I’m one of the founders. It’s called SportID - an online solution for companies to manage their wellness benefit system for employees. We are mostly concentrated on sports. Well, there are some othe services also, which employees can use through our system but mostly sport. I’m currently the only developer in the team.
In addition to that, I usually have some other small projects also, which I can’t resist, if I can learn something new from these or which include some new technology. Right now I have two more small projects.

What is the most exciting part of your work?
One of the things that I’m most happy about, is that two things that I enjoy the most - sports and programming - in my job they are combined into one! Programming is like solving a puzzle every day and I really like this, I’ve always been into puzzles! Also, since in this project, I’m kind of my own boss, I can do exactly, what I want and how I want and that is really important for me. Of course we discuss everything with the whole team, but generally everything I do, is exactly what I also want to do.

How did you discover and first become engaged in technology?
I was 4 years old, when we got the first computer, in these times it was a rare thing. The computer kind of didn’t have a hard disk and all the games were on a floppy. Then started the gaming period - I learned English before the school from playing different games and also, got really familiar with the computer. I have three brothers and the oldest is also a programmer, probably this also had influence on me. I always want to know, how things work and why - technology is one of the fields, where you can always ask the question. But studying programming wasn’t actually a plan - I started with that in Estonian IT College - before this, I was just interested in technology generally.

What is the biggest problem you have ever come across with technology?
There are too many things to know and I probably won’t live long enough to know everything!

If you could change the world with technology, what would you do?
I like the world how it is. But teleportation would be cool! Well, of course there are some global problems, but I think that solving these problems will come from changing the way how people think, not technology.

Start-ups, apps, projects you recommend to follow or are especially fond of?
I’m especially fond of my own startup, haha. I’m not a app-crazy person, I currently use mostly gmail, gchat and also alarm clock. But if you have some great idea and want to start with a new IT project, I’d reccommend following different start-up programs, these are awesome.

What or who inspires you?
Nature, people and new experiences.
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